Louis Pasteur #011

Louis Pasteur
Unique digital art created with the help of artificial intelligence;
Available at @opensea on the Polygon Blockchain;
The 100 Most Influential People in History Collection (floor price $ETH 0.005)
No gas fee.

We created this artwork with the help of artificial intelligence to represent one of the 100 most influential personalities in human history. Louis Pasteur was a renowned French scientist of great importance in the history of chemistry and medicine. His discoveries contributed to the evolution of human history with the development of methods that helped reduce mortality and prevent disease.

The owner of this digital art will have access to an exclusive group on Telegram.

Buy Now: http://nft.tru.io/Pteur



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Humanities Digital Artworks

Humanities Digital Artworks

🎨 We create digital arts with the help of artificial intelligence. dropped on ⛵ @opensea | ⛽No gas fee #polygonblockchain